The Ocean Scares and Comforts Me – by photographer Mark Tipple

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A showcase of Stunning Imagery
Mark Tipple is a Sydney-based documentary photographer who works closely with organisations seeking social change in Australia and surrounding countries. Mark’s the principle photographer for The Underwater Project, an ongoing reportage of Australia’s relationship with the ocean. His work has appeared in publications such as The Australian, The telegraph, The Indepenedent, National Geographic and on the BBC and Discovery Channel.

I’ve always been captivated by imagery that presents a new perspective, an unusual view of the familiar. So often this approach to imagery can provide brands with a visual asset that differentiates them in their market and wins them the attention of new clients and customers. By example, these powerful images for-instance would create a remarkable and evocative foundation for the brand identity and integrated communications for a property development with an ocean aspect or surfwear brand or retailer.

I hope you enjoy Mark’s fresh view of our iconic ocean as much as I do.

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We spotted Mark’s stunning imagery in Undercoat. Undercoat is a great digital mag by Melbourne publisher Pete Saunders (who happens to also work with us looking after our client projects and all things digital).
Check-out Undercoat here:

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