The Wonderfilled Art of James Price – Illustrator, Typographer, Animator, Philosopher

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Every now and then we come across a creative whose work makes us pause for the pure enjoyment of exploring the riches of their craft. James Price is an Illustrator/photographer/animator/typographer/designer/philosopher who fits that bill. So having discovered his work recently, I couldn’t help but share it with you all.

James is an internationally acclaimed image and filmmaker. He uses the terms ‘image maker’ and ‘film maker’ as its lot easier than listing himself as an illustrator, designer, photographer, art director, live action director, animation director, letter wrangler, writer and storyteller. He’s won a load of awards all over the world for his images and films.

His website is a heady mix of personal work born from his experiences, and the myriad of images and films he creates for his long list of some pretty cool clients – who include MTV, Adobe, Coca Cola, Sony, Rayban and The BBC. Following stints living and traveling all over the globe James is now in residence in Melbourne, and I think the city is much the richer as a result.

But enough of an intro – enjoy…

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You can check all of Jame’s work including several of his animations and ads on his site:

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  1. I am a design/media student and I found this post to be really interesting. Cheers for sharing this excellent ‘image maker’ with us. I am really impressed with his work off to check his website now.

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