Innovative Ideas Create Winning Brands

Juke Case - innovative ideas create winning brands

For most of us, music in outdoor spaces has become something we enjoy in isolation, we plug in and switch off to the world around us. Music is something that can bring people together and bring a lot of joy and entertainment when shared. To encourage this Rubin Utama and Vincent Corneille came up with an innovative way to incorporate speakers into old suit cases founding JukeCase.

Juke Case - innovative brands


 Images taken by: Sean Fennessy

I spotted their story on The Design Files Daily and it reminded me of the power of innovation and unique ideas. What started as developing a product to fulfil their personal need quickly turned into a real business opportunity when friends started placing orders. ‘After a few requests from friends, word started getting around and the business has grown steadily since’ says Vincent, who was previously working as a cancer research scientist.

”The first year and a half of business was all about market stalls and refining the product. Balancing full-time work and this emerging business quickly became demanding, so as of July last year it has been a full-time venture for my Rubin and myself’.  In September this year, the pair opened their own shop in Collingwood.

Juke Case - innovative brands



JukeCase are continuing to innovate by talking to cafes about custom audio fit outs as well developing home audio systems.

This example shows us that to create a powerful and winning brand it helps to start with an innovative idea closely followed by passion and motivation to see the idea through.

When looking for innovative ideas think about the areas you are passionate about and enjoy, this may not necessarily be the area that you currently work in or have qualifications in. Entrepreneurial ideas often pop up when you least expect them to, so keep an open mind!

JukeCases can be bought from the boys’ Collingwood store, via their online shop, and also from stockists listed on their website.  Each JukeCase has a minimum of 20 hours battery life! Prices start at $330, with larger deluxe models priced at about $700.

195 Johnston St
Collingwood, VIC

Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10.00am to 6.00pm, and Sunday 12.00pm to 4.00pm.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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