Kia courts Aus Open brand again, this time with clever app

Kia launches game on app for Australian Open

It’s summer, it’s stinking hot in Melbourne so it must be tennis time and Kia is hoping this is their time.

As the official Australian Open Sponsor, Kia has created a nice little app that is a smashing brand gesture. The Game On App not only stregthens and leverages Kia’s brand relationship but it also provides another dimension to engage fans in the game.

Kia sponsorship of Australian Open

Sport sponsorship can make or break brands. Connecting the brand with big sporting events can provide much needed brand exposure but it is a massive investment and getting real value from the relationship requires more than just nice merchandise and wall-to-wall media ads.

Leveraging sports events sponsorship to create real connections with the fans is essential.

Kia has been the major sponsor of the Australian Open since 2002 and has tried a new promotion every year.

This year’s offering, the Game On App, is an interactive game designed to work with the TV coverage and further stregthen the brand’s link to the game.

The Kia Game On App is a great use of technology. It involves viewers in the game and they can also connect with the Kia brand.

The app is particularly designed to appeal to fans at home. But there is also a competition in Fed Square this weekend to bring fans and the brand together.

The Game On App is a clever use of their brand sponsorship that gives something back to fans rather than just shouting about their USPs and might actually have more of a lasting impression.

Of course, this is just another tool to amplify their estimated $10m annual investment.

According to Roy Morgan research released this week, 1 in 7 Australians (or 2.8 million) now associate the brand with the event. Furthermore, the research highlights there is a positive impact on relevant consumers.

Roy Morgan found that “the link between KIA and the Open strengthens exponentially in line with the brand’s relevance to its consumer: to around 1 in 4 new car intenders; 1 in 3 intenders who can recall KIA ads; 2 in 5 intenders who watch the Open on TV; nearly 3 in 5 intenders who are considering KIA; and almost three quarters of those who intend to buy a KIA in the next four years.”

Does this seem like a worthwhile investment for a brand and do you think this app will help leverage this investment? What would you expect for their investment?

Michael Hughes
Strategy Director and Partner



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