OPSM app, a great brand gesture to reach new customers

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OPSM has released an Iphone and Ipad app called ‘Eye Check’. This is a nice little brand gesture that feeds our insatiable appetite for new ways to ‘play’ with our phones and tablets as well as being a great way for OPSM to reach new customers.

Eye check app from OPSM
The OPSM Eye Check app is a brilliant idea that is nicely executed. OPSM realise that just selling to those who need glasses is limited. They need to reach those who don’t have glasses but might need them.

Rather than just preach to people to get an eye test, the app cleverly uses technology to engage, highlight a problem and then provide a solution.

The app provides some basic eye tests that you can do on your phone or tablet. From visual acuity, colour, astigmatism, contrast, distance and lifestyle questions and tests are easy done through the app. Based on your results of each test you are given a result of either low or high risk.

Results from OPSM eye check
However, it is perhaps a little too obvious that the app is just designed to just get you into their stores for an eye test regardless of whether you need it. There is no middle ground and one question wrong quickly changes your result from low to high risk. Even with low risk, the app recommends you have an eye test anyway!

Still, this is a pretty clever way of engaging a broader audience that would be harder to reach and convince they have a problem. It also very quickly puts that element of doubt in people’s minds that would encourage people to go into their stores to find out more. As such, it provides a brand gesture that is not only useful and welcome, it does its job of developing new prospects for the brand.

Michael Hughes
Strategy Director and Partner


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