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Previously we wrote about untraditional NYC retailer STORY. Founder Rachel Shechtman describes the concept as “having the point of view of a magazine, changing like a gallery and selling things like a store.” STORY has once again created an innovative retail space to theme, and this time it’s all about LOVE. The installation combines the work of Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman of 40 Days of Dating fame, and New York-based artist Curtis Kulig.

Love. We want it. We need it. We obsess about it, text about it. And when we lose it, we will do almost anything to get it back. But why? What is it about love…
Answer: we wish we knew. So this STORY is as much an effort to understand love as it is a celebration of life’s most enigmatic emotion. Drawing on love stories that have captured our hearts – including Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman’s social experiment turned viral love story, 40 Days of Dating, we explore love’s capacity to inspire a work of art, delight the palette, surprise the nose, and even grow.

Apart from the theme-rich product and works on display, LOVE STORY brings together collaborators to host various events in keeping with the store’s current theme. These events will include DIY LOVE experts, professional Wingmen, relationship writers, florists and other experts to share their perspectives of the best way to attract and keep a mate. The products on sale in this retail concept revolve around Walsh and Goodman’s blog: Taking Risks or Discovering Something New. Local brands 12.29 and Love + Paint will have their candles and art kits available, along with exclusives from confectionery company Richart Chocolates and interior plant experts The Sill. Kulig will be selling his works along with artists Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher, Vault 49, and Si Scotti.

The ultimate goal of the project which runs to March 23rd is to view love from all different angles and at all different stages in a relationship for New Yorkers from all walks of life – an inspiring example of love and retail.

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