From Amsterdam to Melbourne; Maxime’s brand internship story

Brand internship in Australia

Maxime Terberg travelled from the Netherlands to Australia to complete a six-month internship at Truly Deeply. In this guest post she shares her experience at the agency and thoughts on Australia as a brand.

Doing my Brand Strategy internship at Truly Deeply was a chance of a lifetime. A whole new culture, language, city and people and I loved everything about it.

Hallo my name is Maxime. I am from the Netherlands and in my final year studying communications at Hogeschool Van Amsterdam.

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory for all students to complete an internship as a part of our university course. Unlike many of my fellow students, I made the decision to do my internship abroad.

It was a big step leaving everyone and everything behind for half a year to settle on the other side of the world, but it’s always been a dream of mine to live and travel ‘Down Under’!

Why this decision? I love to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures. I saw this as a huge opportunity to experience a different way of life while honing my professional skills.

Brand internship Australia

I have always been intrigued by Australia. It has been interesting for me as a foreigner to compare my perception of the ‘Australia’ brand before I arrived here and how I perceive it now.

My perception of ‘brand Australia’ before I arrived was of a land that was far, far away. A sporty nation, a very safe place to travel and an Aboriginal culture that I new little about. I also thought there would be Kangaroo’s jumping about all over the place!

Now that I have lived here for six months I’ve had a wonderful insight into the true Australia. It is still far away from home but it doesn’t feel as far away as I thought it would.

Melbourne is culturally diverse which also reminds also of home. I particularly enjoyed this as I think living with different cultural groups is the best way to understand each other.

Melbourne has a wonderful sporting culture and excellent facilities. The city also has lots of beautiful parks and gardens. The Royal Botanical Gardens has been one of my favourite places to spend time. I’ve also enjoyed running and walking around the ‘Tan and I even joined a local hockey team. But, there are no kangaroos running around town!

I think the Aboriginal culture is also a very important part of the Australia. I really enjoyed learning about their culture and history. I feel there is an amazing opportunity for Australia to embrace its rich indigenous culture and for it to become a central tenant of the Australian brand.

Brand internship Melbourne Australia

Overall, Australia has so much to offer. After travelling around the country I also really appreciate how unique and diverse the continent is. Bringing this sense of diversity into the heart of the brand is also crucial as every city, town and area is so different. There are so many possibilities for this great brand.

Now that my internship has come to an end, I’m glad I chose Truly Deeply. I’ve always hoped to work at an agency with a young, fun and professional team who demonstrate the highest quality in their work.

During my time at Truly Deeply I have gained a greater insight into brands and branding. In particular, learning the importance that brand can play in helping organisations to grow, develop and build deeper connections with their audiences.

Their depth of experience and knowledge in design and branding has improved my skills and I feel like I have a better understanding of the field.

Right now, it is time to leave with a new life experience. Making the decision to travel to Australia was a tough one, but it is one of the best ones I have ever made in my life.

Thank you Truly Deeply for having me. I had a great time and it was lovely to meet you all.

‘It’s been a bloody ripper’


Truly Deeply is proud to support and foster the careers of the next generation of brand strategists and designers. Internships are offered for a six-month period to qualified candidates who have completed or are in their final year of relevant tertiary studies. Places are limited and fill fast.

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