Stunning Packaging Design Transcends Mere Packaging

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Sometimes the Biggest Splash comes from a Great Idea
Recently Sony released their new underwater-friendly MP3 players – packaged in a bottle of water. The players are designed to offer swimmers a way to listen to their playlists in the pool and were looking for a way to connect with their intended audience of gym and pool junkies. Sony sold the bottled product in specially designed and branded vending machines at gyms and pools, making purchases as easy as buying a bottle of water, but so much more more memorable.

Sony worked with agency DraftFCB in the US to design this clever product packaging that transcended mere packaging to;
• Be highly memorable
• Be highly remarkable – the social media and PR buzz from this launch was everywhere
• Demonstrate the proposition of the product in an unforgettable manner
• Include a direct and sustainable channel to market

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We say – Nice one Sony. A powerful reminder that packaging aint packaging.
You can check some of our own brilliant packaging design work here.

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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Source & Image credit to DesignTaxi


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