Dollar Shave Club takes on big brands

This brilliant piece of brand communications from Dollar Shave Club is simple, engaging and very effective.

Dollar Shave Club is competing against some of the big names like Gillette and Schick and has taken a very different approach to marketing and promoting its products. It offers a cheeky, no nonsense, common-sense approach to marketing its products which leaves the viewer entertained and open to engagement with the brand.

The product is unashamedly no-frills and challenges the add on features of the big name brands. It’s refreshing to hear a brand telling it like it is and injecting humour into all aspects of brand communications. Some may argue that their product is inferior to the competition in regard to features and add ons. This is true, however they are transparent about their product features and are questioning the effectiveness and cost of these features claiming that they are unnecessary.

It’s inspiring to see a small brand take on big brand names and shake up the market. The reason it is so effective is it understands it’s market and communicates with them on a different level. The brand also understands social media and is tapping in to a previously unexplored position of the market. All brand communications follow a clear brand personality adding layers to reinforce the brands strategy.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

The lesson here for brands is that it’s possible to take on well established brand leaders. You need to have a differentiated position in the market place, a clear and consistent voice, understand what your customers want and leverage social media to tell your story and engage with customers.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects


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