Can Brilliant Packaging Design Create New Markets?

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Can Packaging Design Drive New Categories for Brands?
Recently I came across this beautiful packaging design concept created by Annemiek van der Beek as part of her graduation show at the Design Academy Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week. van der Beek created a collection of makeup that’s packaged to appeal to the untapped male market.

The product packaging design is based around a set of black, anodized aluminum compacts and brushes. The Primal Skin makeup collection is composed of coal, clay, mineral stones, and other manly, natural ingredients to help cover-up complexion blemishes and accentuate the eyes. In an interview with Dezeen, van der Beek said:

“These days men are using more cosmetic products than before and even makeup is a more common topic… For women wearing makeup is a daily ritual and for them it’s much easier to use and buy it because of the big range of products. This new branding experience makes makeup accessible for the modern man. I chose aluminum because the weight and the temperature of the material feels more manly to hold. Makeup products are always focused on the female user, but I think a guy wants to experience makeup in a different way.”

I was attracted to the packaging which boasts visual cues more related to technology than to cosmetics. My interest hit a wall when confronted with the product and the concept of wearing make-up, but I put that down to my generation – as a 47 year old I’m well aware that there are plenty of blokes using moisturizer and even eye liner. The question this experience raised for me is whether well designed packaging that strongly leverages visual cues compelling to their market can play an active role in shifting that market to new products. If the right packaging design visual cues can shift perceptions of premium, quality and provenance, then why can’t they also shift perceptions of comfort in making the leap to a new product.

For me male makeup might be a step too far, but well designed packaging can definitely influence my behavior in trialing or adopting a new product.

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Images from the brilliant Dezeen Magazine

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