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A case study in collaboration

Natalie Greenwood and Michael Brouwer have created Greenhood Organic Farms at Timboon, in Victoria’s southwest and it provides a very clever example of how regional brands should be thinking. They are proactively creating a structure for the farm that builds collaboration and importantly some scale for the region. The pair plan to sell eight 4 – 5ha certified organic herb growing blocks to buyers who will grow herbs for distribution through the Southern Light Herbs business.

They wish to increase overall supply of dried herbs supplied to the Southern Light Herbs brand by 100% within 5 years. Given Timboon has an excellent herb growing climate, with good soil and water, it is a great regional brand initiative. Far too many regional brands struggle to create sufficient scale in products to in-turn create awareness in the market of what the region represents.

We have had the privilege of working across many regional brands over the years and too often the mindset amongst business owners is an individualistic one, when the power resides in harnessing the collective. In contrast, Greenhood Organic Farms see the value in grouping farms and reaping the benefits of mutual learning, reduced costs and shared access to a broad range of relevant equipment.

Rarely do you witness an initiative that provides all the ingredients for success. Infrastructure, organic certification, distribution and importantly mentoring in the one bundle. It represents a great case study for other regions wishing to add to the economic development of their region.

Finally, if you have a spare $220 – 260k and are wishing for tree change, why not become herb grower.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist 

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