Social helps brands sense check a rebrand

tracking social sentiment of brand change

Another upside of having a socially active and connected brand is the ability to tap into your audience to get fast and cost effective sentiment of your brand change.

Our client, Koolaman used their social platforms to engage their audience in their rebrand and the feedback has been immediate and largely very positive. Best of all, it has sparked some rich conversations around the brand, the change and what it means for their customers.

Tracking social sentiment for Koolaman rebrand

Brand change used to be expensive and slow to measure. In the past, it could take weeks or even months to get a sense of how loyal customers felt about the brand change. Now, with social media you can quickly track audience feedback from those who matter most.

There are many apps or tools that claim to track your brand’s sentiment, but they can be a bit random and rely on analysis of what they see as positive or negative language about your brand. The best way is to ask your audience directly on your social channels (such as Facebook) about how they feel about your new brandmark, packaging or communications.

While I am not suggesting social media replace ongoing and more robust brand tracking, it can provide an initial reaction and help build an all-important initial sentiment of return on investment for brand owners.

Michael Hughes
Partner and Strategy Director

Tracking social sentiment in rebrand


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