Three gets brand power thanks to a girl, her kitty and Starship

Three UK ad

English Telco ‘Three’ has the commercial of the moment and it is doing wonders for their brand.

A little girl riding her bike and singing with her cat to Starship’s classic, “We built this city” has now been shared by close to five million people globally.

Three ad

The beauty of this ad is that Three has helped many relive their childhood and a whole new generation appreciate Starship’s hit for the first time. It has also encouraged audience involvement in the campaign with the opportunity to create music videos online and share it with the hashtag #singitkitty.

Yes, it’s cheesy but it’s a brilliant bit of brand attention seeking that is touching a lot of people. I guess we all do need some ‘air pucnhing, buddy hugging silly stuff’ in our lives.

The commercial has also sparked enough downloads of “We built this city” on iTunes to get Starship back into the UK top 40 nearly forty years after they originally released the song.

So what do we learn from this? We are all very nostalgic. Daggy eighties songs still work well for commercials, as do cute little girls and cats. Finally, people love a gimmick like making their own music video (think dancing elves app at Christmas).

Nice one Three!

Michael Hughes                             
Strategy Director and Partner

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