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I won’t lie; we here at Truly Deeply do enjoy a tipple. Some of us more than others. As a studio, we’ve well and truly climbed aboard the addictively awesome wine deals bandwagon that is Vinomofo. We’re hooked. Not just because the wine is great (and it really is, I keep waiting to be disappointed, but after the eleventieth case I’m yet to experience buyer’s remorse) but the real clincher is that the brand is just so damn enjoyable.

For those of you not in the mofo loop, Vinomofo is an online wine retailer, trading in great wine, awesome deals and zero tolerance on BS. Filling a noticeable gap in the market, Vinomofo brings wine and wine appreciation to Gen X & Y, leaving behind the shroud of toff that often accompanies the category. Mofos and Mofettes (as we customers are affectionately referred to) are treated to an education in the wonders of wine in a manner and medium that resonate. From their conversational tone to their dramatic product titles (Black Market Deal and Witness Protection Pack are two favourites), every brand communication is considered and entertaining. And while the campaigns are no doubt carefully crafted around watertight guidelines, they don’t feel overworked or try-hard, which they so easily could.



The site warns that the Vinomofo experience can be addictive. They’re not joking. Every offer that lands in my inbox feels not so much like a sale, but an opportunity that simply must be exploited. And even though several of us here at TD HQ admit to purchasing more wine than we know what to do with (I’m sure we’ll figure something out) we just keep going back for more. And then a little more.

I realise I’m not shining the best light on our studio here, so please let me just pause to say that we’re not actually alcoholics and we don’t drink on the job, generally.

So back to the vino. Co-founders André Eikmeier and Justin Dry have truly done the hard slog from their humble beginnings as wine bloggers, and after risking financial ruin in pursuit of their passion; deserve every inch of their success. Vinomofo has won multiple awards, including top spot in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 awards last year. I’ll drink to that.


Tamarin Watson
Design Creative

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