Brand Landscape Keeps Changing

Brand Landscape Keeps Changing

Tomorrow is never the same as today
In recent times we had a need to pack up the belongings of my father-in-law, to assist him with his move into an aged care home. At such a time there is enormous reflection. What plays out before your eyes is essentially a time capsule of memories and a rich life. Something’s in particular have the impact of hitting you between the eyes in terms of how far the world has shifted over the last 50 plus years. One great example is the back cover of this envelope above.

Collected during a holiday to Rosebud (a long time ago). It is a reminder of how the market places we operate in a forever changing. When did you last see ‘shooting’ on offer at your holiday destination? Or when did last wish to stay at a caravan park that had ‘dance hall’.  None of this free range egg nonsense. Simply new laid eggs.

But there are some offers that seem to have universal appeal regardless of the era. I would love to have my order promptly executed as per the Rosebud Bakery’s offer. Throw in fresh butter daily and the proposition behind ‘Glenlee Dairy’ would also resonate today. Whereas the promise of a ‘good table’ from The Thicket does not quite get the taste buds singing.

But give me a world when my phone number is simply one number and I am with you. Even to spend a holiday with Miss Percival at Pine Grove has a certain comforting ring to it.

However, given that you may not be thinking of a holiday at Rosebud in the near future, how about using the back of the envelope as an exercise in creative thinking. Take a moment to think through what element of this step into yester year you could apply to your own brand. Treat it as a piece of stimulus material to take you outside your normal world and stir a new thought.

Peter Singline
Brand Proprietor (not every proprietor needs to reside in Rosebud!) 

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