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As brand designers we are constantly creating and updating brands for our clients, we have an active role in building the brands our clients want and our communities experience. As a creative director I have a pivotal role in moulding these brands. But on the other end on the brand continuum, as a consumer, I also actively build the brands I want.

It’s a far more subtle art, with a smaller and more personal audience, but one I find just as rewarding. I actively reward the good brands I come across by buying their services or products, recommending them and doing what I can to see them flourish. From my favourite coffee shop, to my local bike shop, to where I holiday, there are brands both organisational and personal that stand out to me as something I should cherish. So while it’s generally cheaper to buy from multinationals or online; for bike parts for example; I deliberately choose to buy stuff locally. Because I want these brands in my community. I want them┬áthere when I need them and I want them there because they make my community better.

Now I’m not suggesting you get militant about your brands, but consider the next time you come across something exceptional, that it might be something you should be rewarding. Think of it as a more active analogue of handing out social likes, but so much more valuable to you and the brands you cherish. Of course the flip side is looking at the brands in your life that get your cash without doing anything for you or your community, and asking yourself; ‘are you rewarding the wrong brands?’

Let us know if you’ve found any brands in your community worth rewarding

Derek Carroll
Creative Director

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