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Stunning Brand Imagery Evokes a Sense of Truly Deeply
As a creative brand agency we constantly draw on the world of visual arts for inspiration to keep our minds fresh and open. Years back we fell in love with the work of Helmo, a French design studio founded by creative duo Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez’s. This stunning photographic series “Bêtes de mode” literally translates to ‘Fashion Animals’ was created by Helmo for Lafayette Galleries in Paris. The imagery is beautiful in it’s own right, but also touched us as a wonderful translation of the Truly Deeply brand – both because of the animal reference, and also the duality the images communicate of the layers of emotional and logic that drive our own creative methodology. There are plenty more after the jump – Enjoy.

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You can check more of Helmo’s work on their site here: http://www.helmo.fr/

David Ansett
Creator of Brands


  1. Thank you David for this post and sharing.

    Loved it! Appreciate not only the amazing conceptual creativity of the art but also the message that sends out. Thus evoking different senses in the eyes of each and every viewer… will share it with others.

    Have an inspiring day in Melbourne and sunny cheers from Sydney. Hana

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