Giving is a great brand strategy

Giving is a great brand strategy

Employees attracted to a big heart.
According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, across the world employee expectations of the companies they work for are dramatically expanding when it comes to corporate philanthropy.

A recent study by America’s Charities (yes, they do have an vested interest in the findings!) revealed that 68% of employers report that their employees expect them to support volunteerism, and 50% of employers are moving to year-round engagement with their workplace giving programs.  Eighty percent of surveyed companies offer employees the ability to contribute to nonprofits via automatic payroll deductions, 70% offer matching gifts as a component of their volunteering and giving program, and 60% percent are incorporating contests and events as a way to add fun to workplace giving programs and keep them vibrant.

Forbes also reports that aside from the oft-discussed benefits of increased employee engagement, recruitment and retention, new research shows that employee engagement in corporate social responsibility activities can significantly improve job performance, in part by highlighting common values with both customers and the company.

In a world where being different is harder and harder, being seen to have a corporate purpose that extends beyond making a profit, is one way to connect with all stakeholders. A well thought through company philanthropic program has the potential to deliver benefits all round. From a brand strategy perspective companies should feel ok about finding ways to leverage the good they are doing in the community. It should be seen as an integral expression of their company brand, and not as an after thought, or something that false humility has them deliberately playing down.

Attracting the best talent to work in your organisation is an eternal quest. Having an engaged philanthropic program, will not only indicate that you care about people, but also serve to make your brand appear more interesting.

However, whatever the corporate philanthropic endeavours undertaken by a company, they should be considered and ideally related to the positioning of the company brand.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist  & Founder



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  1. Great post Pete. At Set That we are focused on both our own corporate responsibility and encouraging those that are part of our community to engage in what we call ” social engagement transactions” (sets). We have decided to donate 10% of whatever we are paid in commissions for all online shopping transactions that occur through our site. We believe that people will respond to companies that offer a way for everyday transactions to support the funding of social justice initiatives.

    In addition Set That encourages its set creators to donate some or all of the funds they receive for inspiring others’ online shopping – giving back into the community in which they live. Let’s hope this movement of social engagement transactions is set to take off!!

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