A legendary brand gesture by Heineken


Heineken has teamed up with 40 sport, art and entertainment legends to create a series of one-off posters to be auctioned in support of global non-profit, Reporters Without Borders.

‘The Legendary Posters’ campaign is an extension of the Heineken Legends brand platform and is the brainchild of Amsterdam ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy. While each work began as the same simple canvas, many went on quite a journey in their creation; some bearing impressive war wounds from their epic adventures, others unique signatures from their collaborators. Each poster has a story to tell, having traveled the globe to play fire tennis with Jimmy Connors, go kite surfing with the world champion in Cape Verde, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or jam with a band in Russia. One was even sent up to space in the form of a paper rocket! Artists from around the world also created more conventional works of art, a selection of which are pictured below.

The partnership with Reporters Without Borders – a global non-profit dedicated to protecting journalists and freedom of information – reflects Heineken’s “strong brand belief that crossing borders enables people to get the most out of life.”




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For the full gallery of posters and the prices they fetched at auction, check out thelegendaryposters.com


Tamarin Watson
Design Creative

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