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Taking photos of food, you either love it or hate it. The trend of food photography has become a fundamental pre-eating ritual, sometimes much to the annoyance of whomever doesn’t share the passion of foodgraphy (yes, it’s a viable term). I can recall several dining occasions with friends where my eagerness to dig-in have been physically fork-blocked just so they can take an untouched photo of my ordered dish.

We are living in an age where food photography is an epidemic and social media is the driving force. According to Webstagram there are currently 90 million pictures with the hashtag #food on Instagram, which consequently making it the unofficial gourmand gallery of today.

With mouth-watering statistics such as this, a frozen food company Birds Eye in the UK has taken advantage of this trend in a novel way. Birds Eye has created a pop up restaurant named the ‘The Picture House’ as part of their ad campaign, and allowed customers to eat for free, but instead paid their bills with Instagram shots of their meals and include #BirdsEyeInspirations as a hashtag with their uploads. A professional food photographer was also on stand by to provide Instagram tutorials and filter out unappetising images. The restaurant is part of a new campaign to roll out their ‘Inspirations’ range, a line of products being marketed as premium evening meals.

Birds Eye marketing director, Margaret Jobling said: ‘Taking photos of food enables people to show off and to share their meal time moments — from the everyday to the very special’.

With this insight in mind they have created an ingenious campaign to frame their new range of foods in a new light. With their target market set on the new breed of food lovers, ones that are more tech savvy and is on a daily diet of Masterchef and Jamie Oliver, Birds Eye aims to reposition their brand and effectively alter our perception of frozen food.

In a market as competitive as today, it is vital to keep up with current and upcoming trends in consumer behavior. Being aware of such trends and utilising your findings effectively will not only keep your brand relevant but also indicate that your brand is willing to be different. This campaign is a great example of how a simple insight can equate to a memorable brand experience.

Randy J Parker
Design Creative

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  1. I love the concept but it looks like they have some awareness issues – they only have 25 posts so far and a mere 292 followers on their Birdseyeuk Instagram feed – this would have to be a disappointingly low engagement rate. Perhaps meat from a packet is just not sexy and worthy of putting on the ‘Gram’.

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