Red Bull Gives It's Brand Wings

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Who Am I Truly & Deeply?
There’s so much subtlety to the art of brand building, so many layers of expression to understand and master. Yet perhaps the most important thing is one that most brands fail to grasp; truly knowing and understanding who they are – the values that underpin their behaviors, the personality that drives their expression, and the voice that drives their communication.

Watching the most recent Red Bull ad on TV last week I was struck by just how clearly it rang true to brand. From the talent Red Bull sponsors to the sound track, from the raw energy and edge of the action to the brand placement, the ad is a beautiful example of the richness of a brand that truly knows itself.

By combining the many ingredients of their brand with such synergy, Red Bull have created a beautiful piece of brand communication so rich as to be greater than the sum of its parts. A great example to brands looking for clarity around who they are and what they stand for. And with 3.8 million YouTube hits so far I’m not the only one picking up what they’re laying down.


David Ansett
Creator of Brands


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