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Worlds toughest job

This viral video has re-ignited emotions for people all over the world with regard to respect for their mothers. What was intentionally an ad for may actually cause an increase in sales for other brands around Mothers Day as a refreshed light is shone on Motherhood.

The job advert explained that the person selected should have a Ph.D. in psychology “or real-life equivalent,” the ability to communicate at all levels (basic to advanced), proficiency in handling sticky situations both literally and figuratively, and must be willing to work 135+ hours a week without any breaks among many other requirements.

Applicants who responded to the job advert were told in the interview that they would be standing up almost all the time, constantly exerting themselves and having no holidays, no time to sleep and no salary. To which one applicant responded “Is this even legal?”.

Once respondents heard that the job was real and that the position was held my millions of people all over the world, mothers they showed appreciation to their mothers and the role they played in their life.

This ad has no doubt motivated viewers to think about spoiling their Mum on Mothers Day which may result in a retail spike for and may even extend to other brands.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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