Start-up delivering an interesting new concept

Creating a brand from a simple need

Where there is opportunity, there is a potential brand.
Here’s a simple idea an American start-up company Washboard have come up with for regulars of coin laundries.

In the USA, they’re taking the pain out of not having enough quarters for your visit to the Laundromat by providing a service where they ship you a roll or two of quarters in the mail. All you need to do is log on to their website estimate your usage, choose your plan and you’ll have “fresh undies in a jiffy”. You’ll pay $14.99 USD and receive $10 worth of quarters.

Not without critics, many believed that this brand carries no authenticity however Washboard firmly believe that they are providing a genuine service that removes one of visiting a Laundromats most stubborn of stains – having enough coins to feed those machines.

If this takes off as a successful business model well half their luck!

What do you think of Washboard? A shallow grab for cash or legitimate service?

Emma Ferris
Office Manager



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