Inspirational Gesture by DangerDust

DangerDust Sagmeister

DangerDust is the pseudonym for a couple of students from Columbus College of Art, who work anonymously, under cover of night to produce intricate pieces of art in chalk. Their artworks are created on hijacked blackboards on the third level of the Crane building over night, over the weekend. While they are a great platform to demonstrate the students skills, they are also a reminder to me of the opportunities that surround us.


DangerDust saw the opportunity provided by the blackboards as bank canvases. Then painstakingly, some of the works took over 10 hours to complete, bent the situation to their will and turned them into a platform to inspire and celebrate with their talent and smarts. What started off simply grew into an internet phenomenon. Trending on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the pairs efforts have generated a wave of interest that we should all learn from.

DangerDust Martin Luther King

We might not all have the artistic ability these guys have, but if we open our eyes, there are opportunities all around for us to create gestures using the blank canvasses that surround us building our brands and connecting with our audience.

Check out the guys at work:

If you need to find a blank canvas for your brand, give us a call.

Derek Carroll
Director of Creativity

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