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Millennials are the main focus for today’s marketing. They are, in a lot of cases the most targeted audience as they’re constantly plugged in and in-the-know of the next big thing. However tapping into this market is also a double-edged sword: they have seen it all and are growing impatient.

According to the latest survey of 1800 millennials conducted by web analytics company SDL, people between the ages of 18 and 36 check their phone, on average, at least 43 times a day.  The data shows that while people are connecting with brands via social media, they aren’t impressed by quantity; they want to see a more target specific content that is both short and easily sharable. They want something thats relevant to their everyday lives. The survey has also revealed that there is very little patience involving response time, as they want you to get back in touch with them quickly. Have a good read of the infographic below for more insight into the results from SDL.


A few years ago, companies were urged to use social media as a platform to connect with their consumers. It’s safe to say that nowadays it is mandatory. In an age where people are desensitised with average media, building brand loyalty has evolved into a more interactive experience where the consumer can engage on a deeper level. The steps outlined by this infographic serve as a good lesson that social media, if used correctly, can be the vital missing piece your brand needs to be elevated to the next level.

Great examples are Nutella and Converse shoes; they are able to pride themselves in being perfectly in tune with their target market. They have managed to execute conversations that promote their brand insights very well, and have posts that reflect the mind set of their consumers.

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