The no ‘bull twang’ campaign that’s got men talking…

The no ‘bull twang’ campaign that’s got men talking…

To coincide with Men’s Health week in 2013 Beyond Blue created an incredibly considered and effective branded integrated campaign that communicates directly to men, Man Therapy.

The campaign was so successful it has evolved and continues to drive positive brand action.

With men less likely to talk about depression and anxiety, Beyond Blue created “a place for men to deal with manly issues in a manly way”.

Beyond Blue developed a mini-site and television advertising that heroes the protagonist of Man Therapy, Dr Brian Underwood. A rather suave fictional character, Underwood guides us through his “no bull twang’ mental health messages from some traditional ‘man cave’ locations – the office and the shed.

An incredibly successful campaign its estimated reach is almost 3.5 million. Australian men have either visited the website or seen the television advertising that is commonly shown during sports coverage.

The reason I love this campaign is because of the way it so brilliantly communicates the mind health message in a way that strikes a chord with its subject in the most unique way.

What do you think of Dr Brian Underwood’s message?

Emma Ferris
Office Manager

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