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Between Wednesday’s snack day and a debate about Mastershef, its safe to say we all love food here at Truly. But for something a little off the shelf, Collaborative Cooking is bringing our love of design, creative thinking and food together as one. Collaborative Cooking was born by designers Christian Isberg and Petter Johansson (of PJADAD), technologist Lasse Korsgaard and chef Carl Berglöf, after asking the question; “Can chefs cook together without direct communication? And what if all actions in the cooking process are direct reactions to other chef’s decisions?”




The project is based on a digital platform that controls and interacts with a physical cooking machine. With the view to be able to record and transform the way we cook and prepare food in the future. “Does cooking require a physical presence or is it possible to create and explore through digital platforms and experience food beyond the known limitations?” Who knew?

The machine lives online and is powered through an ordinary internet connection, the beauty of this is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. The machine allows five different chefs to cook together and engage in a digital discussion. ” You can choose ingredients and temperatures, flavours and textures, a variety of spices and of course end with salt and pepper,” said Johansson. Once the ingredients have been chosen, the actual cooking process can be performed together with each action recorded and transmitted to a rolling receipt that is printed so anyone can re-create the process. The sessions can last between 10 and 20 hours, and result in a ready to serve dish at the end. Win.





“We’re not exactly sure how people will use collaborative and online cooking but it has already sparked a discussion about food, design, playfulness and creativity, so we’re very happy with the outcome,” said Johansson. “This is just the beginning – the start of a process and the first steps towards more collaborative cooking.”




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Photography is by Henrik Petersson.

Merren Spink
Design Creative

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