Eataly NYC – A Deliciously Immersive Brand Experience

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An Authenticity Driven Retail Brand Experience.
On my recent trip to the US I organized a visit to the amazing Eataly retail concept is NYC. Eataly is a brilliant part retail, part restaurant, part fast casual dining concept that has been replicated in many cities around the world. IN New York it is one of the top five most visited tourist attractions, but also loved passionately by locals. Eataly is at it’s core authentic, hosting a number of traditional Italian artisans producing fresh cheeses, freshly baked breads, real Italian espresso, their own rotisserie porchetta and of-course, fresh pasta (of which they sell around 70 kg each day). Through our involvement as owners of the new pasta chain Etto, we’d made contact with Luca, the head of fresh pasta at Eataly in NYC and organised a catch-up, which was to be the highlight of my time in the Big Apple.

The Eataly retail concept has been an incredible success, expanding throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The retail model has plenty going for it – scale, choice, and above all authenticity. Yes Eataly stocks a huge range of imported Italian products, but the ‘secret sauce’ is the strong thread of food artisans that run through the retail experience. The fresh pasta makers drive the authenticity as well as the product quality of the pasta restaurant. The artisinal Italian baker bakes fresh bread all day. The traditional Italian butcher and fishmonger are the secret to the seafood and steak restaurant offers. The rotisserie cooks up seasoned chicken and their signature porchetta to serve in fresh crispy bread for the lunch crowd. The cheese maker churns-out fresh mozzarella and breaks-down huge wheels of Emilia Reggiano Parmesan, then sells an amazing range of imported and Italian style local cheeses. The list goes on-and-on; traditional Italian coffee bean roaster feeding the stand-up espresso bar, fresh market fruit and vegetables supplying the restaurants, La Scuola di Eataly teaching customers how to cook, etc. etc. This combination of part artisinal museum, part Italian marketplace and part restaurant/espresso bar creates a completely unique and utterly compelling retail experience.

A must visit to anyone traveling to New York or any other Eataly city.

Making fresh agnolotti with Luca the fresh pasta master.

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A serve of fresh ravioli being wrapped for a local New Yorker’s dinner.

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Brothers in Pasta – Truly Deeply and Etto founder Dave with Eataly’s pasta artisan; Luca.

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Eataly’s fresh pasta display includes a spinach and a squid ink linguine.

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Making fresh linguine for the pasta restaurant.

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Fresh truffles – the perfect pasta addition.

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Feeding laminated long pasta into the pasta cutter to make linguine.

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A shrine to Nutella – the Nutella room at Eataly NYC.

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Three isles of olive oil.

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Asmall selection of the impressive collection of cheeses.

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Making beautiful balls of fresh mozzarella all day every day.

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Design textures – tiles, marble and wicker baskets.

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Once broken-down into smaller pieces, the Reggiano Parmesan practically walks out the door.

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The great walls of pasta – there are shelf after shelf of Italian dried pastas too.

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Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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