Free Is Better: Disrupting the bottled water market

Free Is Better

Free Is Better hit the streets across Melbourne in late 2013 and had a goal of wiping out the existing bottled water brands in the market. The brand gives away free bottled water. It works by selling the label space on its bottles to advertisers at rates which eliminate production and logistical costs. This allows them to give the product away for free and make a profit at the same time. 

The brand is yet to be distributed alongside supermarket brands, instead it is targeting a small Gen-Y audience of “forward thinking, innovative trendsetters”, stocking in designer boutiques and partnering with creative industry events. This in an approach for the brand to enter the market and gain some traction with those who will support the philosophy.

Free Is Better

Consumers pay for bottled water because they have a need for a convenient supply of water, however they begrudgingly pay more than the price of petrol for this convenience. It seems at odds when we have such freely available, healthy drinking water and has been a long-time topic of discussion.

The cost along with the environmental impact of bottled water has made a large impact on the industry. Free Is Better disrupts the market by removing the cost and the bottles are made out of biodegradable plastic to help combat the negative environmental impact.

In attempt to gain a larger market share the brand also commissions artists to develop labels for the water. This also taps into their identified market of forward thinking, innovative trendsetters and helps create on-going conversation about the brand.

This product is a great example of a brand tapping into market sentiment to create a product to fulfil a consumer need.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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