Nick Kyrgios Before & After – Ugly Duckling to Powerhouse Brand

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An Amazingly Audacious Brand Comes of Age
This last week has seen the emergence of a brilliant, new brand in Australian sport. If you’ve just returned from outer Mongolia you may have missed the scintillating run of Aussie tennis young-gun Nick Kyrgios as he beat several seeds, including world No. 1 Raphael Nadal to make it all the way to the Wimbledon quarter finals. The hitherto barely known young star is now a household name, as is the way for sports mad Australians. But just barely a blink ago, our new star Nick was a young, slightly pudgy Greek kid with a big racquet and even bigger dreams. Whilst his development coaches saw something special in the kid, it took the skills, talent and perseverance of a team of expert talent developers, matched by the determination and focused hard work of Nick himself to make the transition from potential to world beater. The process struck me as oh-so-similar in many ways to building a world class brand – entrepreneurial vision, focus, clarity, expertise, direction, determination and hard work from both agency and client.

As we recover from some late-night on the couch cheering-on our new national hero, I can’t help but to cast my mind back to some equally late nights spent slaving over the design tools developing some category killing brand heroes of our own. I hope you enjoy the inspiring (if tenuously linked) examples of our own recent brand development successes below)


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Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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