Laundry detergent brand Tide taps into the Game of Thrones juggernaut

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A Brilliant Bit of Brandjacking
Laundry detergent brand Tide have demonstrated the power of opportunistic brand association with their very smart ‘Game of Thrones stain removal infographic’. Followers of Game of Thrones would know that season four was the bloodiest season yet, building on the program’s reputation for gore, mud and general stainliness – something tide saw as an opportunity to leverage their brand…

Within hours of the season finale going to air, Tide released this infographic tracking the most gory and stain inducing moments of the series. As the graphic shows, there were 752 stains in the season, with the overwhelming majority being blood, with dirt and food coming in as distant second and third. The graphic breaks down the stain by episode in a laundry-centric recap, further tracking the sources of the stains with nails and crosses disturbingly winning out.

With each new generation of consumer proving more and more difficult for brands to jump into bed with, Tide have successful demonstrated they are ‘One of Us’ to the tribe of Game of Thrones watchers. Yes they are still a big brand, but they’re one who ‘gets’ what we ‘get’ in the same way we ‘get it’. Sounds simple enough, but in the Game of Brand Campaigns, we know a big idea when we see one, and kudos to Tide for some very clever brand thinking.

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Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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