Well considered thinking leads to impressive Airbnb rebrand.


Within the last 24 hours Airbnb has unveiled a complete overhaul of their branding and identity, website and mobile interfaces. With 15 million guests, Airbnb is providing an alternative to traditional travel accommodation, where owners rent out their property and space to other global travellers. DesignStudio was presented with the challenge to change the shape in which the world views travel, hospitality and sharing.

airbnb_Brand_resizeWith a heavy emphasis on creating a universal language; “The idea we finally settled on was creating a brand that anyone can draw, something that went beyond language and becomes a universal mark,” said Greenfield. The brand mark was created to represent three things, a person, a location point and a love heart; people, place and love. Which all happens to work seamlessly into the letter A. Tick. The mark has been called the “Bélo”, which will become the universal sign for belonging, “A symbol that, like us, can belong wherever it happens to be.” says founder Chesky.

The brand extension adds personality, where anyone in the world can customise and “draw” on the logo using a simple online tool. Listers will create their own mark to use for local marketing and to use around their homes to brand their own properties.



The brand message and culture is carried seamlessly through the business – their offices in San Francisco are modelled on eight of the company’s listed apartments from around the world, where the employees are free to settle and work wherever they want.


The office canteen features long communal tables where staff can hold informal meetings, while the walls are covered in over a hundred sketches relating to different employee experiences.

Recently they opened an office in Dublin with a reception area modelled on an Irish pub complete with Irish beige telephone boxes!

Merren Spink
Design Creative

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