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The next generation of fitness tracking has arrived with a gym that monitors your movement during your workout to give you a score based on your performance. Be warned this is highly addictive, lots of fun and pushes you to your limits. Versus uses 3D cameras, motion sensors and TV monitors to provide real-time feedback on users’ exercise techniques and efforts and scores individual’s overall performance based on personal best scores and other people in the gym. Plus we’re even more excited about this innovative brand because we’ve been working on the brand for the last 12 months.

A game changing brand has arrived to the fitness industry

As a regular gym goer I know that one of the biggest barriers to staying fit is getting motivated and keeping the momentum up. It’s easy to slack off and often you find that you don’t push yourself to your full potential. At the end of a workout you’re not really sure how hard you worked¬†and there is no way of knowing how you’re improving over time. It’s also hard to know if you’re doing exercises correctly to get the most out of your workout.

Versus changes all of this. You have sensors¬†monitoring your every move and you get better scorers if you perform the exercises correctly. It’s not all computerised, you still get a personal touch with a trainer in all session who motivates you and ensures you are doing the exercises correctly.


I’ve been for a workout a handful of times and taken some friends along for the experience. As you move around to different stations and compete against your partner you can’t help but peer over at your neighbour to see how well they are scoring for the exercise. This ramps up the competition and pushes you to your absolute limits.

The beauty of Versus is you can choose who you want to compete against, yourself, your partner or the wider Versus community. So if you want to you can ignore everyone else’s scores and just concentrate on improving your own score which means it’s not just for the fitness buffs. it’s for anyone who wants to get fit and monitor their progress.

Versus App

What I like about this method of exercising is being able to quantify my effort and measure my progress over time. It reinforces that the effort I’m putting in can be measured which means there is no slacking off. ¬† that you know you give your absolute all when you’re doing a workout so I know my time investment has been well spent and I have a score at then end to prove it.

This new generation of gym workout ties into the popularity of apps such as Run Keeper, Strava and the UP band which all track exercise and allow users to compare their progress to others. People are looking for a way of quantify and comparing themselves to others.

The fitness industry has been stagnant for a while with no real innovations it will be interesting to see how the category responds to this new technology and quantifiable results.

To learn more about how we created the Versus brand head over to our projects. If you’re interested in trying it out visit

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Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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