GAP brand belief inspires Dress Normal campaign

GAP brand beliefs

In creating, shaping and reshaping brands we often stress the importance of building a solid belief system.

While beliefs are primarily intended to guide and direct internal audiences, they can also play a powerful role in inspiring external communication as GAP shows us in their latest campaign.

GAP brand beliefs

At the heart of GAP’s brand is the belief that ‘individualism and liberation comes from confidently being your most authentic self’.

Seth Farbman, Global Chief Marketing Officer for GAP, says they have always been unapologetic about they stand for and this campaign is all about bringing this philosophy to life.

“Dress Normal is about dressing for yourself. It’s about celebrating the confidence that comes by dressing how you’re most comfortable,” says Farbman.

With the new campaign, GAP is also reinforcing its reputation for authentic everyday wear. Some have also commented that this cleverly taps into the norm-core trend.

“Every single person chosen for the campaign lives life on their own terms, and we love that. They are all people that our customers can identify with and are known for their own art of dressing normal,” adds Farbman.

GAP dress normal campaign

In the world of fast fashion that constantly tries to convince us to be on trend and replicate the latest runway looks, GAP’s new campaign messaging does standout.

Copy lines such, as “get caught wearing the same thing” are certainly refreshing. Perhaps they are even risky. If they actually do convince people that they don’t need to constantly refresh their wardrobe they may work against the brand’s need to sell and sell a lot.

More likely, the ‘Dress Normal’ campaign will resonate with GAP’s broad demographic and reinforce the brand’s strong beliefs that ultimately will connect with its audience’s personal beliefs.

The stunning photography and list of celeb ambassadors includes Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss, Michael K. Williams, Zosia Mamet, Jena Malone, Luke Grimes, Olivia Thirlby and Bobby Canavale – all cleverly work together to drive brand profile and PR.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next campaign, maybe your belief system is the key to unlocking a compelling and authentic idea.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

GAP dress normal

GAP dress normal campaign

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