Behind the Scenes at a Branding Agency


Straight out of uni, I was keen to build on my theoretical knowledge with practical experience and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Dave (Founder) and Derek (Managing Partner – Creative Director) at Truly Deeply. When offered an internship with their company I jumped at the opportunity to refine my skills in a professional and creative environment and was excited to take my first step into the world of design.

My first few weeks were a massive reality check as I found out what it took to be a professional in the industry. Many of my ideas were given really honest feedback by the team, which wasn’t always easy to hear, but only encouraged me to work harder. As time went on I began to play a larger role in the creative process, working closely with clients such as BrandHook, MySize, Soulful Soup and the Centre for Ethical Leadership. This came with increased levels of autonomy, building my confidence and skill, as well as allowing me to begin forming a strong network within the design industry.

This internship has definitely strengthened my passion for graphic design, being able to get ‘hands on’ with a brand and have a tangible impact on its direction has been an extremely exciting and rewarding experience.  Truly Deeply has played a massive part in stimulating this passion by exposing me to what it is to be a graphic designer, with roles ranging from client meetings to strategic thinking, as well as the design. Their constant guidance has helped me gain a lot of confidence in my abilities and was the perfect first step into the industry; I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me!




Stephanie Leo
Design Creative

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