Is Net-A-Porter's Mark Sebba the world's most loved CEO?

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In front of every great brand is a great leader
All of the world’s leading brands have at their helm a visionary leader. The ability of a business leader to engage his workforce and inspire them to lift the business to great heights is a critical part of every great brand. When I think of local uber brands such as kikki.K, Mecca Cosmetics and Grill’d I immediately associate them with their founders and leaders, who inspire their staff to greatness day-in and day-out. Whether leading a brand through change, growth or simply taking the role as the lead brand story-teller, a brand without a leader is like a boat without a rudder.

When Net-A-Porter’s much loved CEO, Mark Sebba retired recently, his staff around the globe were moved to choreograph a remarkable send-off for him. Executive Chairman and Founder of the Net-A-Porter Group, Natalie Massenet explains that she and fellow execs wanted “an amazing and personal tribute to this incredible man who has run our business for the last 11 years. We wanted him to feel how much we love him and give him the recognition he deserves – and to make him immortal in the digital world.”

The truly remarkable farewell was videoed and recently release on youtube (watch after the jump…)

When CEO Mark Sebba arrived at work for what he thought would be a normal day, and was greeted by hundreds of dancing employees holding posters and portraits of their beloved boss, along with a choir of gospel singers, a mariachi band, and a menagerie of dancers, acrobats and performers. Anw with offices in New York, New Jersey, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Charlton, the celebration was global, connected via video crosses.

Natalie Massenet says the Net-A-Porter employees were so committed to creating a meaningful send-off that they returned to the office after hours to rehearse.

And the heartfelt farewell to their much loved leader hit the mark with Mark Sebba reportedly blown away by the extraordinary gesture.

If every great brand requires a leader to inspire and generate passion for the cause, the big question for brand owners and managers is; ‘Who in your Mark Sebba? Who in your organisation is the visionary leader, the shooting star on which to hitch your brand?

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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