Pantone reminds us of the critical role colour plays in brand identity design

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These minimalist posters designed for Pantone use famous characters to remind us of the importance of color in recognition and recall.
Anyone who has ever worked in or with a brand identity design agency will be familiar with Pantone, the brand that represents the single, global, colour matching process (PMS stands for Pantone Matching System). A Pantone colour specified in artwork in Melbourne will be printed exactly as intended (almost without fail) by any printer, anywhere in the world. Pantone is the final word in colour. And when it comes to colour, nowhere is it more critical than in branding. The right choice of brand colour in your identity not only plays a key role in communicating the personality and proposition of your brand strategy, but also provides an important visual cue that connects to established conceptions of brand meaning. When husbands the world-over give their wives a gift presented in a very particular pale blue box tied with a white ribbon, she like the rest of us not only knows the gift is from Tiffany’s, but further, she values it beyond it’s metalic worth and associates a multitude of emotions established messages that are connected with that brand.

To reinforce just how important-a-role colour plays in the process of brand identity and recognition, Pantone have produced a number of posters featuring some of our most loved childhood characters, reproduced faithfully in their exact PMS colour.


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The Cookie Monster;

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And Garfield;

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All of theposters feature the PMS number for the exact color shown, as well as the positioning line ‘There Can Only Be One,’ reminding branding agencies and clients alike of the importance of color association.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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