Acustom Apparel disrupt the Bespoke Menswear category

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This is not your Grandfather’s Tailor.
With this positioning line New York’s Acustom Apparel introduce a new menswear apparel brand that’s changing the tailored clothing category. By using a 3D body scanner and some neat measuring technology they make tailored clothing that’s better fitting, more accessible, and more affordable than available by traditional methods. They offer bespoke suits, shirts, polos, jeans, chinos, and overcoats from a flagship retail store in SoHo, NY.

Technology is a wave that continues to disrupt categories across the spectrum. Entrepreneurs with an eye for new and better ways of doing things continue to adapt technology and harness it for a new purpose. When the end result is a better experience for consumers, these challenger brands can literally change the way a category is shopped.

Check out the Acustom Apparel disruptive business model in their promo clip, which by no coincidence looks as good as their clothes.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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