Iconic Australian confectionery brand Darrell Lea recovers under strong leadership

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A Brand Story with a Delicious Ending
Our friends at Grapevine have been working with local Confectionery maker Darrell Lea over the last two years as it’s new owners the Quinn family look to rebuild this once iconic Australian retail brand. The new brand strategy was based-around dramatically expanding the channels to market for this much loved brand by selling product through the major supermarket chains as well as their own stores.

Whilst the authentic Darrell Lea brand experience is still delivered through their own retail real estate, the tenfold increase in foot traffic past their product provided by being stocked on supermarket shelves has provided the real difference. This strategy has leveraged the high level of Darrell Lea brand recognition and loyalty whilst reducing the cost of doing business, with the result being a sustainable, profitable business.

The brand has broadened its product range with the introduction of Choc Stix, which is liquorice with chocolate in the centre. The new product is successfully attracting a new generation of younger brand fans, with a plan to explore new product beyond confectionery such as ice cream. Requests are coming thick and fast by the brand’s new retail partners – the supermarkets – to develop a broader product range including everything from baked goods to chocolate milk.

Few things warm our hearts more at Truly Deeply than when a fading iconic brand is rescued through strong business and brand leadership. Kudos to the Quinn family for their passion, foresight and acumen in saving this much loved Aussie brand.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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Photo: Wayne Taylor

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