Devondale, a brand challenging traditions to lead their category

Devondale brand

It’s often easy for products and businesses to stick to category conventions and traditions when it comes to communications and advertising. It’s often a case of playing it safe to produce something that consumers are familiar with to achieve known results. However, every now and then someone within the category has to take a leap of faith and challenge the norm by trying something different. If all goes to plan the brand that challenges will often reap the rewards and quickly be seen as a leader in their category. One brand that reaped the rewards of producing something that the market did not expect is Devondale.

Two years ago not many people would have had much brand recall of the Murray Goulburn-owned brand, but now it has a series of the most memorable, and quotable, ads of recent times. It all started in March 2013 with the memorable and hilarious Soy Face Aftertaste.

Executive Creative Director, Darren Spiller from DDB Melbourne says “Last year we took the category conventions for dairy and turned them on their heads. We took regular daily scenarios, added unique but relatable characters and exaggerated them to the point of the ridiculous. The campaign is still driven by both a product and human insight but we’re adding a new dimension. Pushing the boundaries a little more. Making sure that we spice it up and keep it fresh.”

DDB and Devondale continued to do what they do best – creating compelling and engaging ads that demonstrated an understanding of the sector and its audience.

There is always a way to disrupt your category and change conventions however you need a deep understanding of your audience and the market you operate in.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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