The future of Futwora – Typography design at its best

Finding the right typeface for a brand can sometimes be a challenge – so why not design a new typeface suitable for your own project?

TWO – Think Work Observes, traditionally a design studio based in Udine, Italy have a strong focus on modern, clean and simple design that is mainly within the publication field. The studio has started to branch out and build a reputation for their beautiful typography design that all started as a personal studio project for a friend. They are now getting recognition around the world for developing identities for clients which use custom typefaces that push the boundaries of traditional branding design as we know it.

Futwora originally started in 2010 when TWO started to explore the possibilities of designing custom typefaces for themselves, little did they know how it would take off and how it would begin to change the structure of their studio and the process in which they work. It is no surprise that Futwora is based on one of the most popular traditional typefaces Futura, designed by Paul Renner in the late 20’s. Originally designed in accordance with the Bauhaus school of design, Futura is based on the circle and was designed in line with the ideological intention of destroying the ornamentation, clutter and frivolity of the decorative past.

“The idea was to create a personal version of Futura with a contemporary approach, with stylistic sets and alternatives. We were exploring the possibilities of using custom fonts in our designs, so we started designing fonts only for our own projects. At the time we didn’t aim to produce retail typefaces.”


TWO believe that the process improves their practice; they are constantly challenging themselves to create something new and unique and share it with other designers. “Designing retail fonts improves our design process, so we want to work more on type design. Currently we’re working on two different projects: a redesign of Gill Sans and a revisited version of an old German sans serif, and we’ve been sharing our ideas and opinions with other designers around Europe.”

Typography is a crucial brand asset that must always be considered when creating great brands. Unfortunately it can go a little unnoticed and be undervalued at times. Being able to own the stylistic outcome by creating something unique can be very powerful, and can have the added bonus of being able to be easily shared with others, as you see more and more with the distribution of unique commercial typography sales. Custom typography design provides the opportunity to push the boundaries of branding design, and the results can be unique experience for everyone.

Merren Spink
Design Creative


  1. For an article that proclaims “Typography is a crucial brand asset” you’d think you could at least use correct spelling in your headline: “it’s” with an apostrophe is a contraction of “it is”. The correct spelling in this case is “its” without an apostrophe, meaning “it (possessive)”.

    Additionally, TWO has no idea how ligatures work; Renner did (as they would know if they did their homework).Finally, that old style “4” is completely out of place, as is clear from the Gerd Müller sample: it’s the biggest negative space in a already over-tracked sample.

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