Kotex change the game with a surprisingly charming tampon ad

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A Challenging Advertising Gig
‘Charming’ is not the adjective I would typically associate with tampon advertising. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t category where regardless of which advertising approach you take from sensitive to over the top it’s all-but impossible to avoid making some part of the market uncomfortable. But that paradigm has been beautifully sidestepped by tampon brand Kotex who have taken taken the sensitive bull by the horns. Their approach is to meet the challenge head-on by identifying one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing Tampon experiences – having them drop out of your bag in public – and finding a genuinely warm and engaging perspective.

Using a Reality TV meets ‘Candid Camera’ format, Kotex filmed people’s natural responses to seeing tampon’s fall from a stranger’s bag. The response is surprisingly engaging and charming as Kotex uncovers a genuinely caring desire to help accompanied by a natural humility.

By taking this embarrassing aspect of real-life and representing it in an open and honest manner – the result is surprisingly a truly charming tampon ad you’d watch again and again.

We know how tough this category can be, especially when you have market share to lose. We recently worked with TOM Organic redefining their brand proposition, redesigning their packaging and writing their brand story. The stellar success TOM has seen is a great reminder that sometimes the most challenging categories provide the greatest potential upside.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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