New Virgin Australia campaign positions airline as the ‘stylish’ brand

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Virgin Velocity members received an exclusive preview of Virgin Australia’s new commercial over the weekend.

According to the email we are supposed to “keep it between us for now” but I’m guessing that they won’t mind us sharing with our Madly readers.

Truly Deeply brand agency

‘Now you’re flying’ is still the catch cry but once again Virgin is showcasing their brand experience, in particular how their people make the difference.

Brand experience can and should be a key differentiator for any brand and with airlines this is a big one. But it is often one of the biggest challenges in the quest to minimise costs at every opportunity. This is where Virgin has realised they can make a difference and like many of the Virgin family, the focus on its people and how they can create valuable and memorable experiences is not just talked it is embedded in the brand and operations.

With Qantas suffering from an ageing fleet and staff to match, it makes sense for Virgin to leverage its younger, fresher staff and image. But I’m not sure, whether they can deliver on the ‘stylish from the ground up promise’, especially in economy, but compared to Qantas they don’t have to work too hard.

There is something quite familiar about this campaign. For one the song is certainly a classic airline song that has been used by so many airlines over the years it has no connection to any brand. I also can’t help but notice the similarities between Virgin’s ad and the approach and style of Etihad’s ‘the world is our home’ campaign from last year.

Check out the two ads below and tell us what you think.

Virgin Australia, ‘Now you’re flying’ (September, 2014)


Etihad Airways, ‘The world is our home, you are our guest’ (February, 2013)


Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

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