One Wipe Charlie uses brand personality to disrupt their category

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Brand Storytelling Loaded with Personality
OK, so maybe we’re disturbingly obsessed with number twos (having already written brand articles on Who Gives a Crap & Poo Pourri) or maybe the toilet paper category is being challenged by a generation of new players. Few categories fit the description of ‘commodity product’ quite as well as toilet paper. For decades the focus of toilet paper brands has been how it feels on your butt – with everything soft from ducklings to puppy dogs used to convince us of the benefits of one toilet paper brand over another. In many ways these factors laid the classic foundation for a category waiting for disruption.

Enter challenger brand; ‘One Wipe Charlie’.

One Wipe Charlie combines product innovation (essentially baby wipes for blokes) with a $h!t-load of brand personality (which is required if you’re trying to sell baby wipes to blokes).

I’m not sure I’m sold on the product, but love the brand communication;

“The softest, fastest, manliest way to wipe your @r$e”.


These are the same guys behind Dollar Shave Club – another category buster you might have seen with the same brand personality.

Love their work.

Dave Ansett
Chief Creator of Brands
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