Does packaging dictate our purchase?


How much does packaging influence our purchasing decision? Do brands whose products are housed in a shinier box, a funny illustration, a current design trend, an ethical stance or something plain weird attract us more? More so today people are focusing their attention on purchasing from brands that ethically stand for something that they believe in, on brands who get what people want. We the consumers like to associate ourselves with brands that we think represent our personality, that are creative, that are clever in how they present themselves (like us), that are with it!

How our consumables are packaged can influence our buying behaviour, it can weave its way into our psyche without us knowing it. Do we always go for tried and tested, our most favourite brands because we know what they are about? Or are our eyes drawn away when we see something interesting.

Here are some really interesting and creative packaging ideas from the big players and smaller brands looking to shake up the market with clever ideas.

Nike’s most popular sneaker of all time Nike Air Max. Not wanting to be conventional, here’s some packaging inspiration to show the runners in an airtight plastic bubble giving the illusion that they are floating in air also highlighting the cushioning and air like feeling you are on when walking in your Nikey’s. Not only is it cool, shipping damage is reduced, and you can play football with your runners!



Smirnoff’s Capriosca peel-able bottle.

Alcohol companies when launching flavoured varieties tend to add some fruitiness to their packaging. This time Smirnoff wrapped their bottle in a peel-able skin. You almost feel your are peeling the lime skin off the bottle. Delicious.


This Japanese inspired tea brand’s beautiful and clever packaging marrys traditional Japanese origami and one of their favourite drinks, Green Tea. With fresh and beautiful design, the packaging experience goes beyond opening the packet and their tea bags are custom designed in origami shapes. I think we all need a cup of tea.


Scanwood is a Danish utensil company where their products are made solely out of sustainable natural materials. Their clever packaging visually speaks to customers about their ethical and grass roots approach to manufacturing their products.



Juice packaging with real (looking) skins, is this enough to convince you that the product is 100% fresh and organic? May be a little expensive to produce.



I know a few people who would definitely buy this watch. Blowing their competition out of the water in the packaging stakes this brand literally shows you the watches capability without having to say very much.



Gemma Tedford
Director of Brand Projects

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