Belgian ad campaign finds a memorable way to sell sun smart message

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The Midnight Switch – A Cheeky Brand Campaign
The challenge for any creative and brand agency working in the health space on sun smart messaging is the same; ‘how do we get those at risk from over-exposure to the sun to sit-up and take notice of this important health message?’. This Belgian Cancer Foundation has come-up with a refreshing approach to the challenge, creating a memorable, charming and engaging idea to build an awareness campaign around.

Five young couples were flown to a summer resort to enjoy a few days of fun in the sun. After lazing around and soaking up the rays the couples retire for the night and that’s where the fun starts…

Waking-up next to your mother-in-law has to be one of the more powerful ways to make a point. The underlying thought of ‘the less you protect yourself against the sun, the faster your skin will age’ is not lost amongst the giggling and squirming the ad evokes. And whilst the campaign message; ‘Make sure your girlfriend protects herself from the sun, or she’ll start looking like her mother much too soon’, is not particularly diplomatic, it is memorable, and delivered with charm and warmth.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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