Is your brand creating healthy competitive tension?

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This brand thing is a two way street
Whilst almost every business in the universe has become so completely fixated with serving the needs of their clients and customers, it’s time to remember that business is a two way street. Yes our customers are important, and yes there has never been more competition for them than there is today, but if we are doing our job properly, then we have a valuable product they need, want or desire. And that being the case, maybe it’s time to create a nice, healthy sense of competitive tension in your market. Whether it’s a limited offer, a reward for those who show you the most love, or some clever profile grouping – like our soon to be no-longer homeless entrepreneur pictured above – the most valuable question you might ask yourself this week is; ‘What are we doing to create a little, healthy competitive tension in our market?’

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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