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Where’s the Passion?
Recently I was driving to the airport and couldn’t help but notice a huge billboard on the side of a building next to the freeway. The billboard was for home and kitchenware brand ‘House’ and featured a woman and several cooking implements and a headline about ‘loving cooking’. Not a great description of the campaign I know, but my recollections reflect a) traveling at 100km/hr, and b) less than inspiring marketing. I was immediately struck by the lack of emotion and passion in the ad I was passing. Allowing for the wonderful and evocative subject of food and cooking, and even with the word ‘love’ in the headline, there wasn’t enough passion in the poster to light the bum of a single glow worm.

Having worked in the retail end of this category developing brand strategy, brand identity and retail design, I’m well and truly connected with the consumer target market and equally conscious of the level of passion they have for food and cooking. Yet so many brands in this category producing functional, and frankly boring marketing.

I know we’re all impressed by the functionality of things, especially if they add-up to easier cleaning, but the rest of the cooking, dining and entertaining experience is fueled by passion. I’ve long been a big fan of the Ilve brand advertising, which for me is elegant, premium and captures the passion of cooking – their campaign copy line; ‘Get lost in the moment’ says it all. So by way of contrast I’ve collected a number of the good, the bad and the boring ads from the homewares/kitchenware category. Enjoy.

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Dave Ansett
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