Meet the pears – quirky sock brand embraces the odd


Odd Pears sell socks in Pears, not pairs.
A Pear is three individual socks, two matching, one odd. It encourages the expression of individuality. 

“Odd Pears isn’t just any old sock company. We spend our days figuring out new ways to stick it to the man and celebrate odd socks, life, colour, creativity and design, all through the invention of our Pear. You see, it’s not just that we shun social norms and encourage self-expression, we also care about making the world a better place. We decided pretty early on that we wanted Odd Pears to be a brand of substance and character, not just another pretty face on the fashion scene. As a result of some wonderful team mind mapping and super colourful pie graphs, we decided that for each Pear sold, we would donate one dollar to our non-profit partners One Dollar Day.”


1. a delicious, bottom-heavy fruit. (not our Pear)
2. a grouping of three socks; two that match and one that is slightly (inversely) odd. (our Pear)



Collaborating with talents such as Phebe Schmidt and Leta Sobierajski the beautiful sock ranges are bright, colourful, and exciting. The website is well worth a look with fun an playful illustration and design that takes you through their process and thinking behind the brand. This is smart thinking with an intriguing brand message that is perfectly executed.

Be wonderful, be odd.
Grab yourself a pear

Merren Spink
Design Creative

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