Playing at being a brand designer

The Bezier Game

Have you got the skills?

So you think you’ve got what it takes to jump on the tools and bang out a brand identity? Well, here’s a couple of web games to test you production skills.

Here’s a couple of beautiful web games designed by Method of Action to test any brand designer or wannabe. First, test your vector drawing skills with the Bezier game:The Bezier Game

Then see how good you are at picking out colours
Playing at being a brand designer 5

Now how about some type, fancy yourself a font designer? You’ll need some experience getting your type shapes right:Playing at being a brand designer - Drawing type

Cool? how about some kerning, the dark art of letter spacing, try kern mePlaying at being a brand designer - kerning


So now you’ve had a go,┬álet us know how you did and compare yourself to the pros.

Derek Carroll
Creative Partner

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